The Ballarat Pistol Club is located on Pistol Club, Road Mt. Rowan, Victoria, Australia.

We offer a wide range of shooting disciplines with standards ranging from the highest levels of competition to those of a more social and relaxed style – with something for everyone, in a club covering seniors, juniors, men and women. The club organises ‘Open Shoots’ throughout the year which attract many members from throughout Victoria as well as some from inter-state. These shoots usually run from Saturday to Sunday and are not only great for competition but also offer a chance to socialise over meals and enjoy light entertainment, making for a very enjoyable weekend.

Ranges and general facilities at the club are constantly being upgraded by way of ‘working bees’ and by purchasing new equipment as it is needed. Ballarat can boast the best air pistol range in the State with other ranges also under-going renovations to keep them up to standard and make improvements for member comfort.

If you or your family have an interest in the sport of pistol shooting, pop out to the club on any Saturday ( before 2pm ), introduce yourself and ask to be shown around the facilities.